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Naval Academy Access

For the last 43 years, the Naval Academy has given us access to your son/daughter's Plebe Summer.

We work within their guidelines in order that the training of your son/daughter is successful.

To support the Academy and you in this training, we will not be able to:

A) Photograph "wounded" Plebes.

B) "Favorite" one Plebe, or one platoon, over another.

C) Provide any information about your son/daughter or the training schedule.

We will not be able to respond to any requests that hinder the

training or embarrasses your son/daughter in any way.

Gallery Postings

About The Photographs

The photographs, at request of parents, are NOT edited .

Watermark does not appear on downloaded files.

This website does not have Facial Recognition.

A) The Plebe Summer schedule totally determines what we photograph every day.

B) We photograph as many platoons as possible every day-- but not all of them.

C) The platoons rotate through the evolutions and your Plebe's completion of a

specific evolution may not occur until the end of the Summer.

D) We are not able to photograph every platoon at every or any specific evolution.

D) We systematically photograph as many Plebes as we can during an evolution.

E) Platoons are typically photographed once a week. Not always.

F) We photograph each platoon "roughly" the same number of times during Plebe Summer.

G) During the last three weeks we will focus on those platoons that we have

photographed fewer times during the first three weeks.

H) We can not guarantee that we will photograph your son/daughter any specific number of times.


Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios

Please contact me if you have a question, need help or start to get frustrated.

PHONE 443-699-3000 / Office Hours 4:30-6:30 Monday thru Sunday

(We are not able to respond to texts or voicemails.) (Response Time 1-2 days)